By introducing "Data Center Infrastructure Management in a Cloud", San Sentinel has radically transformed the SRM market.

A SaaS solution to analyze and optimize multi-vendor storage infrastructures including SAN, NAS and Servers, within minutes, without installation by executing a simple script.


Each collected object is normalized to allow an application or an end user to retrieve it at a unique point without needing to know the physical location of the data. It is essential to automate and rationalise data storage in Cloud Computing environments.
Collector (SSC), doesn’t require any installation. It automates the collection of information without human intervention, specific developments or maintenance cost, simply by transforming unformatted storage vendor’s API into SQL schemas, easily accessible by the storage team.


(Data Center Infrastructure Management)

Allowing administrators to collate, store and analyze data related to the Storage Infrastructure.
Sentinel Navigator covers multi-vendor storage arrays (EMC, Netapp, IBM, HP, HDS, … ) and can be used on “On Premise Private Cloud” for medium to large sized companies or as SaaS hosted on “Public Cloud” for small organizations.


San Sentinel has developed Sentinel Navigator, the only SaaS/Cloud “Storage Management in a Cloud” solution capable of analyzing storage environments and of providing information on a dashboard accessible through a unique graphic interface from anywhere in the World.
Our correlation engine allows us to present accurate metrics in a unique control point, by transforming raw technical information into valuable management views, accessible from anywhere allowing Capacity Management and charge back.

After 5 years of R & D, we succeeded designing an object-based storage technology. It allows companies to collect the objects in the storage infrastructure without any additional installation. Each collected object is standardized and allows an application or an end-user to retrieve it without necessarily knowing the physical location of the data. This developed technology is useful to automate and rationalize data storage in Cloud Computing environments.

San Sentinel allows Immediate ROI and minimizes the resources required to manage storage on a daily basis.
It replaces 100% of the existing developed scripts by collecting all information from heterogeneous storage infrastructures and automates 80% of the storage’s administration tasks.

Sentinel Navigator helps monitor storage evolution on a daily basis and answer precisely who/how/when space is consumed. With one click, it presents how the allocated storage is used and helps recover hidden free space in the whole infrastructure. It’s the best solution to buy new storage extension at the right time.

Can you answer those questions?

1. Who is using the storage capacity?

Sentinel Navigator identifies and reports the physical and virtual servers connected to the storage array. By correlation, we identify and show how much each server has consumed in a friendly graphical interface.

2. On which array,lun, disks does my server reside

By correlation, Sentinel Navigator helps follow servers evolution inside the infrastructure. Through the integrated search engine or by just clicking the server name, you can access a server dashboard with precise information on what storage it uses, the technology of disks it relies on, and a timeline of its evolution. Finally, If needed, you can get a full diagram from the server to the storage, going through the San switches, that you can export and use for technical meetings.

3. How has my consumption evolved over the last 3 months?

By collecting the infrastructure data, the collector generates a snapshot; Sentinel Navigator builds a timeline based on this point in time data.
Thanks to that, we can have Capacity Planning information by business line or by application. An accurate Charge Back report is available. The cost is calculated depending on the tier of the array on which the application resides

4. How is the allocated capacity used?

Without human intervention, Sentinel Navigator displays the list of the most consuming servers of your storage infrastructure. It compares the allocated capacities of each server to its consumption et provides a wasted capacity report. The information can also be showed by business line or application.

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